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LCN Camouflage Gel, 4 Natural Nude, 15ml

LCN Camouflage Gel, 4 Natural Nude, 15ml


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At last, nail discoloration and unattractive damage is a thing of the past. Introducing Natural Camouflage Gels, the groundbreaking nail treatment product from LCN. Using Natural Camouflage Gels, the natural nail bed is restored to its original flawless, healthy-looking color. Available in three colors to match a variety of skin tones (natural beige, soft apricot, and cool pink), this newest development in the LCN nail care line recaptures the clean, pristine look your nails were destined to have. Enhance, improve, and restore your nails with LCN Natural Camouflage Gels. Available in: natural beige (-1); cool pink (-2); natural nude (-4); soft rosé (-5); natural rose (-6);  creamy nude (-7); soft beige (-8).


  • available in different colors
  • can only be used in combination with a complete nail structure
  • acid free


  • Light flowing consistency


  • discoloration coverage
  • optical lengthening of the nail bed
  • especially with the French look: increased contrast between the nail bed and the free edge of the nail
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