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LCN Colour Gel, -705 Diamond Sand, 5ml

LCN Colour Gel, -705 Diamond Sand, 5ml


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Our state-of-the-art UV gels are characterized by perfect curing, ultimate color gloss and long durability. The high pigment density enables thin processing. In two layers you achieve intensive color results. Special features: Wide range of colors; only to be used in combination with a full nail build-up; acid-free Durability: up to 6 weeks Drying: in the light device (LED: 60 seconds, UV tube: 2 minutes) Removal: file off with a grinder Customer type: For customers who would like a permanent color finish and an even nail surface.


  • optimal flow behavior and perfect opacity
  • shelf life up to 6 weeks
  • more than 200 brilliant colors
  • developed by renowned scientists and professional users
  • safe and biocompatible
  • 100% vegan and free of animal testing


Easy-flowing consistency


Permanent coloring with high opacity


  1. Always use the LCN Color Gels on one modeling only. After the application and hardening of the modeling gel, a control sanding takes place. Then apply a first thin layer of the LCN Color Gel of your choice to the dust-free, dry and matt build-up gel.
  2. You can achieve the best results with the LCN Protech brush (item no.: 21031), the fine hair of which enables a particularly even and thin application. The nails look like they have been "varnished" and your modeling looks very natural and thin.
  3. Harden the LCN Color Gel (60 seconds in the LED or 2 minutes in the tube device).
  4. Now apply a second thin layer of LCN Color Gel and harden this too.
  5. Then seal the colors with an LCN sealer. We recommend using LCN Ultra Shine (Item No.: 20364), which contains color protection. This layer is also hardened.
  6. Finally, remove the dispersion film with LCN Super Shine Finish Cleaner (Art. No.: 64342).
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