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LCN Cosmiq Glaze Gel, 5ml

LCN Cosmiq Glaze Gel, 5ml


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LCN Cosmiq Glaze Gel:
Easy to use UV sealing gel that does not run into the nail fold for new model layers, refills and nail art.

MODELING PROPERTIES: Easy flowing consistency
EFFECT: High gloss with elegant moonlight
glimmer SPECIAL FEATURES: Evens out minor unevenness; to be used only in combination with a complete nail build-up; acid-free,

high - gloss sealing gel with UV protection, refined with moonstone dust, it ensures a delicate "moonlight glow". The shimmer effect creates glowing reflections. The slightly thicker consistency makes it easy to use and prevents it from running into the nail fold. Your advantages: no running into the nail fold, easy processing, UV protection, compatible with all LCN plastics
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