LCN Fusion Poly-Acryl Gel -7 sweet flamingo 5ml

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The perfect combination of acrylic & gel.
The Fusion Poly-Acryl Gel is flexible like gel and yet stable like acrylic. The consistency that can be modeled perfectly prevents it from running into the edge of the nail without premature hardening.
The quick and easy processing is not only fun, it is also completely odor-free. With the LCN Fusion Poly-Acryl Gel Liquid, the Fusion Poly-Acryl Gel can be optimally shaped.
The new system combines the advantages of the two systems gel and acrylic.
The advantages:
  • easy and time-saving application (no mixing with a liquid necessary)
  • odorless
  • easy processing without running (no matter how fast or long you need)
  • Anti-yellowing formula
  • very good adhesion properties
  • no heat development
  • acid and monomer free
  • pinchable
  • good filing properties
  • stable thanks to the acrylic component and flexible thanks to the gel base
  • very natural wearing comfort
  • Compatible in LED and UV tube devices
  • suitable for beginners and advanced users
  1. Prepare nails as usual
  2. Degrease nails with the LCN Nail Prep (Art.-No .: 21071)
  3. Apply LCN Ultima Acrylics Bond (Art.-No .: 20587) as an adhesion promoter and allow to air dry (2 min.)
  4. Remove the desired amount of Fusion Poly-Acrylic Gel with the LCN Tool (Art.-No .: 21285) and wipe it on the nail plate
  5. Model the product into shape with the brush moistened in Fusion Form Liquid (Protech Brush 1 Art.-No .: 21028)
  6. Cure and file the nails into shape with the LCN Zebra file 180/180 (Art.-No .: 30206)
  7. Seal with an LCN sealing gel of your choice (e.g. High Shine Sealer Art.-No .: 21388) and polish to a high gloss with the Super Shine Finish Cleaner (Art.-No .: 64135)
  8. Curing: LED: 90 –120 sec. Depending on lamp type and layer thickness UV tube: 2 min.