LCN Laqish Pedicure Polish 19 Sweet Side Of Life 8ml

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LAQISH is an innovative light-curing nail polish, specially developed for quick pedicures. This concept does not require an adhesion promoter or a sealer. LAQISH cures without a dispersion layer. The system, which lasts up to 4 weeks, can be easily removed again in simple steps. All colors contain Piroctone Olamine Application: Step 1: File the nail into shape and degrease it with the LCN Nail Prep (Art.-No .: 21071) (if necessary, lightly buffer beforehand). Step 2: Apply a thin layer of LAQISH paint and cure (60 seconds in the LED device or 2 minutes in the UV tube device). Step 3: Repeat step 2. Done - wait a short time (60 seconds) until the surface of the nail is allowed to be touched.