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LCN Natural Nail Boost Gel, French White, 5ml

LCN Natural Nail Boost Gel, French White, 5ml


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The NNB (Natural Nail Boost) system protects the natural nail and ensures that your own nails can grow better, stronger and more evenly. In many cases women (and men) suffer from brittle, soft and flaking nail plates. Also, natural nails can be severely stressed and weakened after wearing sculpted nails. NNBG functions like a protective shield, providing the perfect base for polish by smoothly filling grooves as well as irregularities in the nail surface.


  • Thanks to the special formulation, the Natural Nail Boost Gel is so flexible that it does not break despite the extremely thin layer.

  • This property has been uniquely and exclusively developed by the scientists of LCN.

The result:

  • The nails look more beautiful, stronger, and more even

  • the nail plate can regenerate while wearing

  • serves as the optimal base for nail polish

​All-Natural Nail Boost gels can be used in combination with the Natural Nail Boost Gel "french white".

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