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LCN Sealant, Clear, 5 ml

LCN Sealant, Clear, 5 ml


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With the LCN Sealant, you can easily and reliably give the fingernail an elegant shine after modeling. This finish leads your treatments to professional perfection in style and will conjure up a happy shine in the eyes of your customers. The application of this high-quality LCN product impresses with its good dosability and easy and quick application.


  • available in different colors
  • only to be used in combination with a full nail build-up
  • acid free


  • flowing consistency


  • high gloss


For optimal shine results use the LCN-Sealant as the last component of a three-phase application. To do this, first apply the LCN-Bonder, a light-curing adhesive varnish, and then LCN-Sculpture for modeling the nail. You can then apply Sealant generously and evenly for a high-gloss finish and cure it in the light-curing device.

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