LCN Super Gel Quick, 10 ml

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The all-rounder gel for every nail type. Combines bonding, sculpting, and sealing in one product. Extremely easy to seriously...extremely easy! 

Advantages: Builder in a bottle; very stable with no running into folds; easy for beginners; extend with a tip or form; added Diamond dust for additional stability and strength. 3+ weeks wear.

Sizes: 10 ml 

Colors: Clear or Naked Rose

Application: Prepare nail. Use a very small amount of Super Gel Quick as a bonding agent and work into the nail, cap the free edge, and then cure. Sculpt the second layer as you wish, cure, wipe, and file into shape. 

Like all LCN building gels, Super Gel can also be combined with your favorite LCN bonding enhancer, bonding gel, and sealants s normal.

Curing time:

· 60 sec. LED light unit

· 120 sec. UV tube light unit

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