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Nano Lash Curing Mist

Nano Lash Curing Mist


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From speeding up your lash appointments to reducing fumes and irritation caused by lash adhesive, our Nano Lash Curing Mist can do it all. This easy-to-use tool applies a gentle mist of water vapor to your client’s eye area, curing your lash adhesive instantly and fortifying the bond between the adhesive and your extensions. By speeding up your adhesive’s drying time, the Nano Lash Curing Mist also reduces the amount of fumes your client is exposed to during their appointment. Your client will leave with strongly-bonded lashes, a gently refreshed eye area, and little to no irritation from their lash adhesive.


  • Cure lashes instantly
  • Fortify lash adhesions
  • Reduce and soothes skin irritations
  • 6" x 3" x 0.25"


  • Use as post application.
  • Slide down the front nano switch to open the mist spray. Hold mister 6-10"” away from eyes and move in a sweeping motion back and forth from eye to eye.
  • Spray eye area for 20 seconds.
  • Do not wet lashes and or get nano mister too close.
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