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PREempt CS20 Device and Implement Sterilant, 4L

PREempt CS20 Device and Implement Sterilant, 4L


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PREempt™ CS 20™ is a sterilant and high-level disinfectant for reprocessing heat-sensitive semi-critical and critical devices for which heat sterilization is not suitable.

Up to 14 DAY RE-USE in a Soaking Tray
✔ Sterilizes Tools in 20-MINUTES.
✔ Ready to use (no mixing or activation required).
✔ No special ventilation is needed and leaves behind no toxic residues.
✔ Biodegradable ingredients that break down into water and oxygen.
Easy to Use Steps
  1. Clean instruments using water, detergent, and brush (or ultrasonic cleaner).
  2. Rinse with water and dry thoroughly.  
  3. Fully immerse tools in PREempt CS20 for 20 MINUTES. Re-use solution for multiple applications up to 14 Days (use Test Strips to validate).  
  4. Rinse tools with water and leave to air dry or dry manually using a clean, lint-free cloth.  
  5. Store in a clean, closed container labeled "Sterilized" to protect from potential contamination.
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