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REPECHAGE Hydra Dew Pure Eye Contour Cream, 0.5oz

REPECHAGE Hydra Dew Pure Eye Contour Cream, 0.5oz


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Repechage Hydra Dew Pure Eye Contour Cream is a powerful, anti wrinkle eye cream that works for dark circles and crow's feet with the gentle but effective formula to reveal beautiful, younger-looking eyes. Caffeine extracts to minimize the look of puffiness while active Peptides help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Repechage exclusive Seaweed extract combined with Water Lily and Camellia Japonica extracts help renew and revitalize the eye contour area's appearance. Essential fatty acids help strengthen our skin's barrier while helping to lock moisture into our skin. Plus, it targets wrinkles, as well as inflammation, puffiness, and tone.


Sensitive skin


  • Ideal for dry to very dry, compromised skin.
  • Delivers solutions for Dry and Dehydration, Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Under Eyes Bag, Puffiness, and Crow's Feet.
  • Targets the puffiness and inflammation.
  • Renews and revitalizes the appearance of the eye contour area.
  • Helps maintain the skin barrier.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, dryness, and dark spots.


Repechage Laminaria Digitata Seaweed Filtrate, Mastic Oil, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Organic HEMP Seed Oil.

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