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Serene 20% Salicylic Acid, 3.0pH, 4oz

Serene 20% Salicylic Acid, 3.0pH, 4oz


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Salicylic acid has become to be known as the acne killer. With its small molecular size and potent exfoliating abilities, any acne-fighting regimen would be lost without it. One of the greatest areas of concern for the acne patient are the dead skin cells that do not slough properly and remain within the hair follicles to accumulate and eventually clog; thus creating the perfect environment for acne proliferation. Due to its small molecular size, salicylic acid will travel deep into the pores of the skin and help slough those dead skin cells and allow the pores to function properly. On dry sensitive skin types, the use of AHA 8 Astringent and Salicylic Cleanser on alternating schedules can be perfect acne-fighting program. BHA / AHA Clarifying Astringent is an excellent all-in-one product that also can be used for clients who are experiences acne skin conditions but care must be taken since this product can be overly drying.


All Skin Types


  • BHA salicylic acid will go deep into pores to help reduce cell build-up
  • Kills bacteria that promotes acne formation
  • Excellent for spot treatment of acne breakouts
  • Helps to enhance the penetration of other topical products


  1. Always address the client as if this is their first chemical peel. Discuss problem areas and current concerns. Get the current facts, and do not assume anything. Your client’s life goes through changes, and being aware of these changes is very important.
  2. Cleanse the skin using Serene’s Facial Cleanser Sensitive Skin. Skincare Science recommends using non-acid based cleansers for this step.
  3. It is a best practice to further degrease the skin with Serene’s Bio Film Cleanser. This second cleanse will insure a more even and better absorption of the acid.
  4. Using moistened cotton rounds, cover both eyes and apply petroleum jelly to lips and other sensitive areas.
  5. Start Timer. Apply chemical peel using fan brush starting from the forehead and finishing at the chin.
  6. While time elapses, ask client for comfort level and read the client’s skin for reaction to peel. Prepare for peel neutralization step.
  7. When time comes to an end, swiftly neutralize the peel with Serene’s Post Peel Neutralizer. Advise new clients that a slight warmer temperature can be felt as the peel is neutralized.
  8. Cleanse face with cool water using cotton rounds, and prepare the skin for final steps.
  9. Soothe and calm the skin using Serene’s Post Peel Balm, or favorite Serene lotion or serum.
  10. Educate client on Serene’s Post Peel Care kit which is crucial to incorporating in their daily routine a minimum of 7 to 10 days after peel. Based on the client’s skin, you should always recommend additional product to enhance and prolong the effects of the peel in additon to the post peel kit.
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