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ST. TROPEZ Gradual Tan Face Lotion, 50ml

ST. TROPEZ Gradual Tan Face Lotion, 50ml


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For a natural sunkissed golden glow all year round, try our iconic everyday gradual tan moisturiser. Designed specifically for the sensitive skin on our face, this is ultra-hydrating, non-pore blocking tanning lotion builds as you reapply, to create the perfect tan to suit you. Drying instantly, this Gradual Tan Face Cream has a soft, smooth finish that can be used as a make-up base or instead of make-up. Simply apply like a normal moisturiser and wash your hands after use.

  • Light sunkissed glow
  • Easy-to-apply, untinted non-greasy and non-pore blocking cream
  • Quick-drying & infused with Vitamin E for a hydration boost and an even and long-lasting tan
  • Suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatologically and clinically tested
  • Re-apply daily, or as desired, to build your depth of tan
  • 100% clean, vegan-friendly and natural tanning active