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Sugar of the Nile Bikini Paste, 35oz

Sugar of the Nile Bikini Paste, 35oz


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Our sugar paste is available in five different consistencies: 1. Sugar of the Nile Strip Paste: a thinner paste used with cotton hair removal strips. 2. Sugar of the Nile Soft Paste: for the experienced sugar technician - for use on large areas of the body. 3. Sugar of the Nile Traditional Paste: a standard-consistency paste for most hair removing needs. 4. Sugar of the Nile Island Paste: a firmer paste, for use in warmer temperatures and areas. Used for training. 5. Sugar of the Nile Bikini Paste: our most dry paste used in warmer temperatures and areas such as the bikini.


Glucose, aqua and citrus limonum

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