Turbo File, Professional Electric File, 110V - 240V

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The Turbo File II is a Professional Electric File designed for professional nail technicians. It is designed for use on natural nails, acrylic nails, sculptured nails, wraps, gels, and pedicures.

Forward/Reverse Switch- Pressing switch (fig. A) to “F”, spins the Bit clockwise. Pressing the switch to “R” spins the Bit counterclockwise.

Variable Speed Control- Increase speed by turning the Speed Control Dial(fig. B) clockwise up to a maximum of 20,000 RPM. To decrease speed, turn Speed Control Dial counterclockwise.

Twist Locking Chuck- The Turbo File II chuck (fig. C) holds all standard 3/32” Bits. It has a twist locking chuck that secures the bit when locked. To open the chuck, twist the center locking sleeve to the “open’ direction marked on the hand piece. To close the chuck, twist the center locking sleeve to the “closed’ direction marked on the handpiece. No tools are required.

On/Off Switch- Turn the machine off and on by placing the switch in the center position (fig. A).

Turbo File II Hand Piece Cradle- When not in use, place the handpiece in the built-in handpiece cradle (fig. D). Never place the Turbo File II in the cradle when the machine is on and spinning.

110V-240V Option- The Power Transformer is a 110V-240V plug transformer. To use this in countries other than the USA and plug sockets other than the normal 110v, insert the plug transformer into a “Plug Adapter” (not included) designed for use in that country or for that power output and make sure that the power output is between 110v and 240v. If it is not, do not plug the machine into the power outlet. Power Transformer and Plug Adapter should be plugged into the power outlet and then into the power plug socket on the back of the machine.